ipe-decking-cumaru-batu-tigerwood-garapa-massaranduba-brasilian-teak-hardwood-buy-wood-woods ipe-decking-cumaru-batu-tigerwood-garapa-massaranduba-brasilian-teak-hardwood-buy-wood-woods

IPE Decking

It is common in the population have the desire and the need to acquire excellence for own well-being and of course, to achieve durable and comfortable investment. If there is some synonym for durability, robusticidad, density and elegance is our IPE wood. Native forests Brazilian, has become a massive preference material, since its strength is analogous to the steel, so much so, that pre drilling is required to accomplish the interconnection between different parts. He is considered that its range of useful life ranges between 25 years exposed to the open air, it is a material 100% natural can withstand various adverse factors, such as fire, variety of climates and even corrosion and surface scratches from insects and other animals. This material the IPE, is characterized by a variety of colors that match the reddish to an olive more yellowish very dark, can even arise from blackish brown with striped brown/black in contrast. The characteristics mentioned above, are the cause for which sometimes tends to be difficult to distinguish visually, very especially in relation to the Cumaru which is another considerate wood dense and strong, with a characteristic soft aroma of vanilla / cinnamon, found in South America, in contrast to the IPE whose aroma is often distinct and very soft. This fortress is so robust that it is able to withstand rot, enabling factor of highlight, since isolation it provides good health benefits. Excellent resistance to insects, although some species are susceptible to marine borers. Excellent weathering characteristics.
In terms of its workability, does not deny that it is a material of great difficulty to work, therefore it is extremely dense and hard, by making great resistance to cuts and preformaciones. Also consider having the prior preparation of the surface where it is intended to stick, since it may be difficult but this aspect is taken into consideration.

What’s IPE?

It is a type of wood, well sturdy, dense and extremely strong, considered of high durability and strength, which is called dome Brazilian walnut and Ipe wood (its correct pronunciation is EE-PAY), situation normally in South America and in specific places in Central America. This valuable tool is three times stronger than cedar. IPE has the same rating of fire as concrete and steel, which means that it resists much more that softwoods call and is so dense that it not float in the water.

IPE is harder woods.

Where can I make use of this valuable IPE?

It is common and useful to make use of this sturdy wood in flats, terraces, sheets, handles of tools and even for any wood required leave outdoors.

The IPE can be implementation outsite and insite.

How can I use the wood type IPE?

It is a wood of high durability and excellent weather, so its use is helpful to outdoor, as for example in roofs and cladding. However, indoor use is ideal for floors and furniture, which are areas that require high resistance. It is important to know that, to be implemented in the interior, it is to be perfectly dried in order to avoid moisture that remains from the inside and prevent cracks.

ipe-decking-cumaru-batu-tigerwood-garapa-massaranduba-brasilian-teak-hardwood-buy-wood-woods For many applications is userfull the IPE.

Important benefits provided by the IPE

We can find between its reddish IPE variety, which has a natural oil can do it particularly resistant to mildew and decomposition, which significantly promotes coastal construction.

IPE is a hard wood, which provides a minimum of 25 years of life, being exposed to the weather, though many architects say that it can last up to half a century if maintained properly.

IPE it’s hard Wood, resistant more 25 years

Some considerations before building with IPE

By its great density and strength, requires that the holes are pre-drilled before connecting parts to achieve an optimal installation.

Consider that they have a high content of oil and tannin material, which could make difficult the adhesion of paintings.

Hardness makes it inappropriate for the intricate wood.

ipe-decking-cumaru-batu-tigerwood-garapa-massaranduba-brasilian-teak-hardwood-buy-wood-woods IPE requires that the holes are pre-drilled before connecting parts

IPE 3E (3-Extremely)

*Extremely dense

*Extremely Durable

*Extremely difficult to work